NOKIA – Massively Multimaker Films

While at Wieden+Kennedy London, I had the pleasure to work on Nokia, fresh in WK’s hands. I was brought in to help bring digital thinking to the table and connect it to the brand work that was being developed. It was with the team here that we birthed the idea for using mobile phones to create films with big name directors, using existing editing software such as Jumpcut. Here is where the project stands now:

Project: Nokia Brand Book, and Launch Strategy, and 4 Product Campaigns

Team: Mira Kaddoura, Nathan Goldberg, David Lee, Nik Sonderup, and of course Matt Gooden and Ben Walker, Liana Chang, Ronit Yadin, Katya Zenkovich
Role: Digital Creative Director, Digital Strategist

My work spanned everything from application development, product development, interface design, and on and offline integration. I was primarily working as a creative and strategist, cranking out concepts that bridged social needs with technological ones for several markets including UK, Europe, India and China for 4 product lines including the Xpress 08 line of phones. I won’t get into the typical case study statistics yet since it was just launched, but the client loved the ideas we put forth, and I had a blast working with this team and this client. In addition I started the first steps of a partnership between Nokia and Creative Commons so that all mobile content could be instantly supported by one of the CC licenses and participate in the collaborative film project.