Hijacking all Screens

This is a link to a white paper I wrote about new media surfaces, art, branding and sponsorship in urban environments and presented at the Urban Screens conference in Amsterdam in 2005 at Club 11.


Abstract: By tracking the use of non-traditional forms of outdoor advertising in static media there is a strong indicator for time based media (video, animation, interactive and generative video arts) to take a leading role in broadcasting art while serving the goals of the corporations that own these screens. Apart from the initial use of the “video billboard” in commercial and advertising based applications, the city is responding to its new media skin with more creative and interactive executions. Case studies in this paper document some of the first experiments utilising video at the urban screen level and show how the press and public relations value of these projects is more beneficial to the advertiser and the community than spending on traditional advertising.

The Kills DVD Intro

In 2005 my friend Morgan Lebus shot a tour documentary with Domino Records indie band The Kills. He tagged me to make the intro animation for the DVD. Using their tour photos, and personal notebooks, I scanned and layered all the images into an animation that captured the documentary from a snapshot point of view.

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A while back and recently my friend Peter Robinett and I launched a “should” range of sites just for fun. The Hillary Should site was the first one launched and had 40,000 hits over two days, and 8,000 entries (and counting…)

Feel free to pass these along and fill in as many sentences as you like… There’s a lot the candidates SHOULD do, perhaps they will even take some of our advice one day. And, this is just an art project, not an indication of our politics…  http://www.palinshould.com/

http://www.obamashould.com/ http://hillaryshould.com/ http://www.mccainshould.com/

Oh and the ought.to range of sites is coming very soon for you to make up your own.