How the Arduino will save the World

Back in the day when I was learning physical computing, I never thought about using it beyond anything but art and practical jokes, but the power to manufacture from your own hand-made prototypes and send them out as real viable products in the world, is simply amazing. This is the best type of DIY.

Hello open-source hardware with open source software on it, that anyone can do anything with. Hello creative commons licensing that gives respect to the creators with out limiting creativity from others.
“I hear the sound of a thousand business models crumbling,” says the Clive Thompson.

Why I love this article: 1) My favorite professor ever Tom Igoe is quoted in here about brands. And I love what he says, he sounds a bit like Eric Schmidt.
2) The arduino and things like this could really start a revolution in Africa, and not just mesh networks, but for seriously life enhancing communication tools.
See here:

Election Day is finally, finally here

I spent some time down at the phone banks at the Bowery Hotel calling Floridians and making sure they knew where their polling stations were and hoping they were voting for change. It was a scary experience, at times, realizing exactly how difficult it is for a democrat to get elected in this country. One man I spoke to told me he wouldn’t vote because he couldn’t read and he didn’t want to talk about it. America, you are amazing.
I’m reposting this for some election day fun:

Downtown LA Renewal with Coles

I’m proud to present a project done in conjunction with Studio Number One the design studio founded by Shepard Fairey and Amanda Fairey and Use All Five for 213 Downtown

Coles is Los Angeles’ very first saloon, and Cedd Moses and 213downtown have brought it back. They needed something light-hearted and viral to get Angelenos excited about it.

I pitched this Monty Pythonesque game concept to Cedd Moses, when Joan McCraw brought me along to a meeting – and it was a rare example of a project that stayed very true to its original write-up. This is a huge testament to the design skills at studio number one and the programming of use all five, as well as the clients keeping true to what they wanted.
Check it out:

Project: Coles Launch

Team: Raina Kumra, Levi from Use all Five, the crew at Studio Number One
Role: Creative Director, Digital Consultant