When Sound Inspires Design: Nokia

I had the pleasure of working with the team at Wieden + Kennedy London as they were beginning to launch the Almighty Music campaign and it was great to watch Ida Gronblom and Fabian Berglund come up with the first designs of fantasy headsets to kick off the campaign. Just checked David Lee’s blog and got the news that the headphone design competition is officially over and winners have been announced. Contestants were asked to submit a design for headphones inspired by their favorite song – which is always a nice design exercise. The winning results are pretty great – the one featured here is inspired by R.Kelly’s “I believe I can fly”. But even better is to check all the entries that were submitted through the create-your-own website that WK and Nokia put together (taking a page out of the Nike ID book):

Nokia Headset Gallery

UCLA Lecture @ Dept. Of Information Studies

I was asked by UCLA professor Ramesh Srinivasan to come share my thoughts on public space, public data and public content creation. I gave a talk starting with public space, and expanded the definition to eventually include public data and an analysis of how these elements effect our creativity. A dialogue about how much time we spend in our screen environments and ‘actual’ public space soon ensued. I haven’t given too much thought lately about how much time I spend on the screen and facebook and my other screenbased activities – but I have noticed how its truly affecting my creativity. In fact, after a hike or a swim, I feel back at the level of creativity where I was when I was a kid – so I highly encourage you to get outside before you delve too deep into the public ‘web’ spaces. Its just not the same thought creation process you’d get from the organic world.

Here are some slides from the lecture: