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In conjunction with award winning master animators  MK12, the Ebeling Group, CP+B and the Agency for Holistic Branding we bring you the most sophisticated Facebook application yet. Using facial recognition software developed at Carnegie Mellon University I present: The Coke Zero Facial Profiler.
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Although I only received a 57% match when I used the system, I’ve seen it work really well for some others (I never tend to agree that I look like anyone else anyways). Since its launch a few weeks ago it already has 162,162 registered users filling the database with photos.

The recent advances in image recognition software are truly astounding. It’s incredible to think this is an app for pure entertainment, when last year software of this type was mainly used only for classified purposes. Google Goggles will also bring about a massive paradigm shift in for text, image, and location search. No doubt tons of questions on privacy, and usage will come along with its launch.  Interesting times ahead when software gets crossed with sight.

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