Putting the ‘i’ back into ICT

Most people in the tech and development space are familiar with lots of acronyms. The acronym ‘ICT’, or “information communications technology” has gotten a lot of mention lately from the development space as well as from the tech world, but very very little from the media world. There’s been a ton of focus on communications, and on the technology, but what specifically is being communicated? What’s the content? And who is focusing on it?

It would be worthwhile to bring back the focus to the ‘i’ – to the information itself – with ICT programs across the globe – and bring media producers to the table during brainstorms. Development agencies are not in the content business, and tech companies rarely are – so it’s the job of content creators, to ensure that the wrapper of messaging, as well as the strategy of how that content gets to the audiences that need it is thought through, along with the technologists. At least, that’s what I’d like to see more of.