Downtown LA Renewal with Coles

I’m proud to present a project done in conjunction with Studio Number One the design studio founded by Shepard Fairey and Amanda Fairey and Use All Five for 213 Downtown

Coles is Los Angeles’ very first saloon, and Cedd Moses and 213downtown have brought it back. They needed something light-hearted and viral to get Angelenos excited about it.

I pitched this Monty Pythonesque game concept to Cedd Moses, when Joan McCraw brought me along to a meeting – and it was a rare example of a project that stayed very true to its original write-up. This is a huge testament to the design skills at studio number one and the programming of use all five, as well as the clients keeping true to what they wanted.
Check it out:

Project: Coles Launch

Team: Raina Kumra, Levi from Use all Five, the crew at Studio Number One
Role: Creative Director, Digital Consultant

Nike+ Canada

Project: Nike+ Canada

The last pitch I helped win at Wieden+Kennedy New York was the Nike Running business for Canada. The first project for this was Nike Plus. The challenge presented to us was how to make nike plus technology cool and desirable for female runners, who were typically more casual runners. The overall strategy and campaign resulted in the line ‘Plus I Run.’ I worked on the digital extensions in particular, coming up with ideas and insights for speaking to our target through Facebook, and downloadable content through the iTunes music store. I wasn’t able to see this project through, but was quite happy to see the research and initial brainstorming had made a leap and this video was released featuring MTV Canada personality Dan Levy:
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The Kills DVD Intro

In 2005 my friend Morgan Lebus shot a tour documentary with Domino Records indie band The Kills. He tagged me to make the intro animation for the DVD. Using their tour photos, and personal notebooks, I scanned and layered all the images into an animation that captured the documentary from a snapshot point of view.

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CellularONE Refresh

As one of the last independent wireless providers in California, CellularONE of San Luis Obispo has offered cutting edge services in mobile and data since 1995. Having concentrated solely on building up their technology and services along the Central Coast, they had not spent a lot of time updating their image. The Agency for Holistic Branding was brought in to breathe life back into their website and overall communications – and bridging the gap between their technological backoffice and the face they present to consumers. Check out the work we did in visual and information design, and delivered a dynamic site for the sales office to update on their own with new phones and products as they come in

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Nike NYC Summer Hoops & Mobile Campaign

Nike New York hosts a summer streetball tournament every year and brought us a very modest budget with which we managed to use for blog updates as well as on the court mobile updates and text mob style blasts that will alert New York City basketballers to the celebrity appearances they have scheduled throughout the summer. For the first time ever, we also created an interactive map with all the court locations and territories marked by league.

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