Light Up Malawi

UPDATE: We’ve raised $6500 and secured a spot at the Unreasonable Institute! Thank you to all of our sponsors and tweeters that helped make us winners in the crowdfunding competition.

This is exciting news, because through the institute this idea hatched during a trip to India in November will get connected to some great advisors and fantastic funding. Light Up Malawi is indeed a very ambitious project, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We are determined to bring sustainable energy solutions to one entire country. That’s one nation completely off the grid – using solar, wind, biomass, and kinetic to achieve this. Malawi is where my mother grew up, and I have family there to this day. I grew up hearing her stories about the country and the people. We believe that Malawi is the best place to start on a mission of this magnitude. And we believe we can do it. I hope you’ll join me on what will be a remarkable journey to prove to the world that poverty can be solved with sustainable, strategic solutions.
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webflyerFor the past year I have been collaborating with the Dutch government, cultural commission Streetlab and curating with My Little Underground to showcase what I have always seen since my first time living in Holland- there’s some damn good design, art and creativity there! Please stop by the Pop Up Story to see the work of very talented friends and have a beer.

Thursday September 10 12 till 5:00PM
Friday September 11 12 till 7:00PM
Saturday September 12 12 till 8:00PM
Sunday September 13 10AM till 12PM

Chelsea Market
75 9th Avenue
New York

Saturday Service- Sponsoring Responsibly

charity navigator screen shot

Every Saturday I do something for someone or some living thing. I find that on Saturday mornings, its a great reason to get out of bed and take a walk looking for my ‘mark’. Its not always an intense thing – like, 3 saturdays ago, I fed some birds. The Saturday after that I dropped off a bunch of bread and jam at the Bowery Mission (who doesn’t like toast and jam?). And a few Saturdays before that I started a year long commitment and have sponsored a child through This sponsoring business however, needs to be completely re-examined in the digital age, and I plan on looking at all the major children’s charities over the next few months and see which one actually brought the most direct benefit to the children.

Websites like Charity Navigator can give you some idea, but I don’t think anything but your own experience and research can really give you the satisfaction of knowing you are not being fleeced and you are indeed HELPING someone.

So far I’ve received a letter from my (adorable) sponsor child in Ecuador (Guillermo) handwritten in spanish telling me he likes to play soccer and he likes to read. But I wonder if getting him a mobile phone might be a better use of money…and why couldn’t I just do that without the charity?

I love the emerging set of ‘do good’ sites that allow you to see the direct impact of your donation such as Jolkona. Websites like these actually serve to create a lasting connection versus a paper trail. I’ll get back to you with a more blown out point of view as I track this subject over the year.

Knitta, Please…

Nothing makes me appreciate analog more than spending way too many hours immersed in digital executions and products. Several years ago when I was learning Java programming, I also developed an insatiable desire to knit, knot, crochet and otherwise do something with my hands and yarn. I used my render times during edits to make scarves and it staved off carpal tunnel. It was the call of the real. It kept me sane. And now, when I see new forms of knitting come up such as the guerilla knitters from Houston called Knitta Please and their many other cohorts creating fabric based grafitti street art and yarn bombing industrial objects, it simply makes me happy that there is no screen, spray cans or pixels to process. Finally a format that really does shock the streets yet knits into our urban fabric. While it does seem a bit in its early stages tea-cozy-esque – I can’t wait to see who takes this format to the next level.


Adidas Originals

The Superstar shoe re-launch was a project brought to me by Jon Santos. In a very short turnaround-  we worked in tandem to discover the strategy, concepts and the creative. Jon designed all of the following creative,  as I did research, copywriting and trend forecasting. Here are some of the results for the conceptual pitch.

The goal was to celebrate originality without going too retro. Redefining original to mean now and breaking out of previously celebrated Superstar territory which always linked it to Run-D.M.C. and the world of rap and graffiti.