Nike+ Canada

Project: Nike+ Canada

The last pitch I helped win at Wieden+Kennedy New York was the Nike Running business for Canada. The first project for this was Nike Plus. The challenge presented to us was how to make nike plus technology cool and desirable for female runners, who were typically more casual runners. The overall strategy and campaign resulted in the line ‘Plus I Run.’ I worked on the digital extensions in particular, coming up with ideas and insights for speaking to our target through Facebook, and downloadable content through the iTunes music store. I wasn’t able to see this project through, but was quite happy to see the research and initial brainstorming had made a leap and this video was released featuring MTV Canada personality Dan Levy:
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Possibly my favorite project while at Wieden + Kennedy was the re-branding and restyling of the website for ONE.ORG. The ONE Campaign seeks to raise public awareness about the issues of global poverty, hunger, disease and efforts to fight such problems in developing countries. This website was strategically redesigned to make it easy for Americans to learn how ONE works. The main focus of the campaign was to collect names, and the main focus of our jobs was to explain a complex procedure as simply as possible.

Problem#1: Americans did not understand how ONE.ORG worked. Misconceptions included people thinking that ONE was soliciting them for money or asking them to volunteer in Africa.

Problem #2: Too much text/ People don’t read. Initially the original front page of ONE.ORG were paragraphs and paragraphs of copy that explained the mission and some of their recent activities. Based on user analysis, people simply felt overwhelmed by the amount of reading required and would close the window within moments.

Solutions: First I drastically reduced the amount of text on the front page and turned the explanation of ONE.ORG’s process into an icon based explanation. Through the animation with the icons, people were able to ‘snapshot’ the entire process which was previously explained in multiple paragraphs. Users were now getting the message and understanding what the website was about at the least… and many were engaging further.

The second part of the strategy as revealed through user experience research was to implement a way for different types of people to express their involvement. Some people are action oriented and want to engage with their communities, some are interested in the policy level and some are only concerned with the effect on end users. The website was then architected around these three main action categories – allowing all personalities to engage in the way that was most natural to them.

Please view the site demo below. Launch Full Screen in New Window Team Credits: Concepted and designed at Wieden +Kennedy New York with Lu Chekowsky, Alan Buchanan, and Andy Lindblade. Role: Interactive Creative Director, Interaction Designer, Digital Strategy *Note: This website re-design was not employed fully, but elements of the strategy and the design principles are on view at the newly redesigned ONE.