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I sit on the advisory board of a Local Rajasthani NGO called Sanjhi. Sanjhi means ‘mutuality’ and community participation. Here is a video recap which I helped edit, of the January 2009 Sanjhi Photo Camp done in collaboration with National Geographic- detailing the learnings from the village kids and their new understanding and appreciation of the environment through photography.

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Project: Bordeaux Repositioning

How does a legacy brand like Bordeaux remake itself in the US market where California wine is king, and where Frenchness is both a boon and a liability?
Solution: While all the details can’t be exposed of this ongoing campaign, I identified several key factors along the purchase chain and in the perception of the word Bordeaux itself. I wasn’t rebranding a brand, but a region and at the most basic level a heavily associated word. By conducting focus groups from coast to coast as well as tons of research from online surveys I came up with a strategy that hits practical and socio-cultural needs and leverages social media activation in an organic way.
Results: The campaign is now in the hands of the talented people at Creativefeed for execution, and you’ll be sure to see the work out and about.
Role: Strategic Brand Planner, Digital Strategist, Scenario Planner, Researcher


Project: ESPN Interactive Campaigns

ESPN approached WK with a small opportunity to help them market their programs both internally on and externally. Since we also handled their media at this time, there was a lot of integration for the media and creative strategy which I helped supervise along with the media director. ESPN is one of the web’s largest properties – the third most popular site in the US – and I was tasked with banner campaigns that had not hundreds but sometimes thousands of iterations based on geographic location, sizes and show time tables.

Solution: Looking over the current production path, I proposed a new system that would ease the production and implementation of all of our creative workflow. This made the job easier for the art directors who could then just hand off elements to the production artists – and with the system we developed, banners were able to be produced in a quarter of the time, and with more targetting, less problems and easier implementation.

Results: We took the load off our small team, and took the load off of ESPN and ran one successful campaign after another like clockwork.

Role: Interaction Designer, Interactive Consultant, Creative Director, and at times Digital Producer @ WK

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During my final semester at the Harvard GSD, I was one of a handful of selected researchers to co-curate a show on Russian 1960’s and ’70s Archictecture and Urbanism in Moscow called Utopian?

The show was in conjunction with the Russian government and scheduled to take place at the state run MUAR, the Schusev Museum of Architecture.

Our team cataloging Soviet architecture and urban planning under the direction of Rem Koolhaas and Jeffrey Inaba included Talia Dorsey, Ali Jeevanjee, Shannon Basset, James Khamsi and Andrei Goltsblat.
My role, aside from the contributing to the research was to direct, produce and edit a documentary counterpart including interviews with Russia’s leading architects. The research in the archives took place in the libraries at MUAR and shooting took place in Moscow. Download documentation:
Research Document, 1 of 10
Architects Profile & Documentary Synopsis


Project: Nokia Brand Book, Launch Strategy, & Filmmaking with Spike Lee

While at Wieden+Kennedy London, I had the pleasure to work on Nokia, fresh in WK’s hands. I was brought in to help bring digital thinking to the table and connect it to the brand work that was being developed. It was with the team here that we birthed the idea for using mobile phones to create films with big name directors, using existing editing software such as Jumpcut. Here is where the project stands now:

My work spanned everything from application development, product development, interface design, and on and offline integration. I was primarily working as a creative and strategist, cranking out concepts that bridged social needs with technological ones for several markets including UK, Europe, India and China for 4 product lines including the Xpress 08 line of phones. I won’t get into the typical case study statistics yet since it was just launched, but the client loved the ideas we put forth, and I had a blast working with this team and this client. In addition I started the first steps of a partnership between Nokia and Creative Commons so that all mobile content could be instantly supported by one of the CC licenses and participate in the collaborative film project.

Team: Mira Kaddoura, Nathan Goldberg, David Lee, Nik Sonderup, and of course Matt Gooden and Ben Walker, Liana Chang, Ronit Yadin, Katya Zenkovich
Role: Digital Creative Director, Digital Strategist

nike_second_coming-300x225 2007 marked the 25th year since the launch of Nike’s Air Force One line. To celebrate this special occasion, Nike Basketball and WK (New York and Portland offices) created a campaign called “The Second Coming” with a spot featuring LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Amare Stoudemire, Rasheed Wallace, Jermaine O’Neal, Tony Parker, Paul Pierce, Shawn Marion, and Chris Paul playing the ultimate pick-up game and launched several sites and full 360 campaign celebrating the history of the Air Force One line. During my time as Director of Interactive, I headed up two efforts in particular; a video mashup site, and a mobile interface for this campaign.

Challenge & Background:The spot launch had a campaign of its own. To kick it off, Nike premiered a short-form, music-fueled montage featuring in-studio highlights of two of the hottest young talents in hip-hop, Just Blaze and Juelz Santana, creating an exclusive track for the AF25 movement, as well as select footage from the highly-anticipated campaign. The special clip premiered on MTV’s Sucker Free, MTV2. Below is a link to the premiere coverage:

Results: Over a million users visited the site spending an average of 3-5 minutes per session building custom mashups. The spot, the behind- the-scenes footage, fan created mashups, and other AF25 associated content has garnered over 2 million views on YouTube. Thousands of mashups were created during thesix-week campaign and sent to phones, uploaded to MySpace and YouTube where they found new audiences on each download.

Team: Ricardo Viramontes, Andy Ferguson, Daniel Cherry, Byron Oshiro, Marcelino Alvarez programming and technical production by Sarkissian Mason Role: Digital Producer, Mobile Content Producer, Interaction Designer

One5Possibly my favorite project while at Wieden + Kennedy was the re-branding and restyling of the website for ONE.ORG. The ONE Campaign seeks to raise public awareness about the issues of global poverty, hunger, disease and efforts to fight such problems in developing countries. This website was strategically redesigned to make it easy for Americans to learn how ONE works. The main focus of the campaign was to collect names, and the main focus of our jobs was to explain a complex procedure as simply as possible. Team Credits: Concepted and designed with Lu Chekowsky, Alan Buchanan, and Andy Lindblade. Role: Interactive Creative Director, Interaction Designer, Digital Strategy. View Demo

Project: Nike+ Canada

The last pitch I helped win at Wieden+Kennedy New York was the Nike Running business for Canada. The first project for this was Nike Plus. The challenge presented to us was how to make nike plus technology cool and desirable for female runners, who were typically more casual runners. The overall strategy and campaign resulted in the line ‘Plus I Run.’ I worked on the digital extensions in particular, coming up with ideas and insights for speaking to our target through Facebook, and downloadable content through the iTunes music store. I wasn’t able to see this project through, but was quite happy to see the research and initial brainstorming had made a leap and this video was released featuring MTV Canada personality Dan Levy:

Team: Bekah Sirrine, Andy Lindblade, Andy Ferguson, Justin Burke
Role: Digital Planner, Online Content Strategy